Tickets to the Gravity Masterclass now available March 14 2014

Digital Storytelling is excited to launch our new online shop for tickets to our events!

The first event of 2014 will be a two hour Masterclass on the making of Gravity with Theodor Groeneboom, Lead Compositor at Framestore CFC. Theodor won the Visual Effect Society (VES) Award for Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture for his work on Gravity, and many remember his presentation of his work on Avatar at Digital Storytelling 2010.

The Gravity Masterclass is designed primarily for film and VFX professionals, but the more than average film enthusiast might enjoy looking behind the scenes to see how these cutting edge visual effects were created.

The presentation will give detailed insight into the entire film production process from script and pre-production through shooting and post production. As as Sequence Lead Compositor and On-set Technical Director, Theodor worked closely with both Director Alfonso Cuaron and Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki on the VFX sequences.

"This was truly a collaborative process for everyone, we even had Alfonso and David (producer) set up their office on our floor. We had full access to them, and they us. Not to mention the incredible willingness for the DOP to learn vfx in order for him to use it better. We had sessions where he taught us cinematography, and we CG lighting to him in order to find a middle ground." - Theodor Groeneboom

Theodor Groeneboom. Photo by Helle Skjervold / Aftenposten